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 Launceston was the first town that my family and I had come across. My father’s memory being so clear about how picturesque this city was, was no disappointment. Our seasickness wasn't pleasant at all and so arriving at a family motel and sleeping in for four hours really in the morning helped us recover. Once the slumber had ended, we all made out way to the town’s local Saturday market and shopped all the freshest groceries with a baked croissant in our hands.

The environment was so serene and the skies were an amazing blue tone that even to this day onwards, I remember every single detail. Music had been played, filling us with acoustic tunes and a melodic beat that brightened the whole place. Kids smothered in their food with a cheesy grin plastered on their faces, yup, I can remember. 
Once the short trip had ended, we all went back to the motel cooking with the only utensils available and made a nice beef soup for all. It was nice, nice to see everything so simple and back in order from the horrible night of seasickness.
That’s it for Launceston, stay blessed lovelies!
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