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One of the most rejuvenating experiences throughout this trip to Melbourne was the fact that we were able to visit the Twelve Apostles which was quite close to the Great Ocean Road. The weather wasn't exactly a perfect weather for any kind of travelling with water vapours continuously ambushing us however it was nice to see the soft waves crush and the different shade of blue tonal hues to the ocean sea. 
After that 5 hour trip to the Apostles, I came back to the apartment and wrote a small description of the ethereal scene I had experienced:

‘The tonal blue hues left salty kisses to her pale flesh as she observed the ethereal scene with a glister in her eyes.  Sounds of water crashing against the sandstone boulders and the rustle of the greenery left an heavenly impression that could not be found anywhere but the shores of the Great Ocean Road which carried it’s scared sandstone pillars overlooking the wide horizon, whom welcomed the presence of other’s with a warm breeze and a soft melodic whistle.’
If you would like to see an edited version of The Twelve Apostles with a slightly more darker and vibrant shade, please check out my past Instagram posts. Same name, same blogger, same donut. Also! I've been playing around with iMovie on the family iPad and I must say that it truly is a blessing that this application has been given free to all Apple Users. I’m currently learning how to edit cut scenes and add music to certain parts. So again I will continue diving into the tech savvy applications and soon I’m sure I will be releasing an introduction video. I swear to the heavens above that my recorded voice is awfully terrible so I apologise if it may cause blood spillage from the ear drums. 
Anyways, stay blessed lovelies and continue to look out for more!
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