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Take me back to the good ol' days where getting wet in the salty waters and drinking cold bottles of cola was something that bought any kind of person a smile on their faces. Thank you Lorne for the experience, it was a truly rejuvenating trip and my lust for the beaches were definitely fulfilled.

Food was exception, freshly picked salads with toasted sourdough and sauces to accompany the bread was a blessing in disguise. My father whom choose a beef burger accompanied with a crispy batch of chips was in bliss as he devoured the plate. My mother ordered a typical styled fish and chip plate with a small amount of salad. 
Everything was so nostalgic as we happily talked about past experiences and cherishing memories. 
This is not stalkerish at all...I thought it was a nice picture in all honestly.
Once again, thank you Lorne for the beautiful experience and the amazing views with beautiful weather.
Stay blessed lovelies!
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