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It's bye bye Sydney and hello Melbourne. 
I must say this trip has been a really rejuvenating journey, seeing so many great Australian sites with perfect blue-skied weathers. As much as I love Sydney, Melbourne has definitely achieved a spot in my heart. 
Also, Taylor Swift has been my absolute jam for this trip, her new album '1989' has heaps of great mixes to suit the various 'Melbournian' atmospheres, especially 'Style'. 
Metallic Sky scrapers reflecting the sun's light. Perfect weather for hanging around town and checking shops out but sadly didn't find anything...
This building was part of the 'Crown Casino' which was directly opposite to the hotel we stayed at, also known as 'Adina Apartment Hotel'. The apartment-like building my family and I had stayed had amazing service and the accommodation was awesome as well. The hotel was located at Flinder's Street so taking the 'Free Tram Zone' Tram's was really convenient to get to the city's CBD (if you've never been to Melbourne, make sure to take the city Trams, they're free and so convenient for travelling or shopping!)
 Melbourne's creativity never fails to amaze me, cities that have an appreciation of art will always be loved. 
The next day I actually went to the 'National Gallery of Victoria' where the 'Jean Paul Gaultier' fashion displays were been showcased and my heart was immediately pounding with excitement and anticipation knowing that I will be absolutely amazed by the remarkable man's designs. 
Continuing on, you will be amazed how fun Melbourne was and so this is not the end...not yet!
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