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Work hard. Jesus, I probably sound like your teacher or mum or dad or just anyone really but it's true. I've received my Semester 1 report back and all I can say is that I'm super proud of myself for being able to have reached so far in my academic areas. To some, it's not much (it's probably horribly crap) but to me it's an amazing achievement.
I was never born intelligent, there are some who are but that's really rare. We will always be different, some will adapt quicker, some will learn and understand concepts in the speed of light but some will take time and that 'some' is me.
Out of my family, I'm the slowest, the one who cried when she couldn't understand things even after ten gazillions of repetitive explanations. 
So I've tried my best, honestly, it was never easy. I stay up few extra hours to finish extra notes, to encapsulate more details in my homework and that was hard because being sleep deprived was horrifying. So I did my best.

Then came the appearance slash body issue. I realised in the end of last year that I was getting super heavy and parts of my body was gaining those extra unnecessary fat. I became worried as my friends were all rather fit while I was left behind with weight issues. So I went to the gym, not everyday but most of them and I gained undying support from my sister who was super supportive in what I was doing. Thank you Carmen. I've lost around 6-7 kilogrammes since mid October 2014 and that's not much but it made a difference because I feel lighter and fitter than before. But I still need to continue because I want to look fit, I want to wear nice clothes with confidence, I want to achieve the so called 'body goals' that's becoming heaps mainstream. I want to be happy for myself because I've worked hard for it and I want to see results and share them with you all and hope to motivate and inspire others too!

So this is really all just blabbering but I want to continue working to my initial goals that I've had set out this year as my new year resolutions. Those results in school? Yeah, I want to continue because I want that 99.95 ATAR. And those body issues? I want to look sexy as hell. I want to be able to gain independence, I want to get my L's so I can start learning how to drive. I want to be getting a stable income. To majority of the teen population in the world today and my own community, that's probably all achieved since their beginning of their High School life. But then again, I'm slow and I want to do it at my own pace and experience it my own ways. I'm me, I'm different and I want to stay that way.

So work hard my beautifuls, because you will be rewarded. No doubt.
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