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I must say, Nostalgia is a beautiful thing.
Throughout the course of my life, I've being fond of memories, not so much the bad ones but the good ones...yes, the good ones indeed. 
I've learnt to be more resilient among the troubled waves of anxiety and I've learnt that the upcoming assessments and examinations will not determine me as a person. For who I am or what I can do. Sometimes I feel the need to compare myself to others because they have achieved so much in such a short amount of time. I feel as if I'm not putting enough effort or I'm not doing my absolute best when really I'm trying my hardest. It's troubling and in other words, I feel lost. Just a little and it scares me. But that's why nostalgia is a beautiful thing, because in the course of your life, you will feel comforted by the beauty of old moments that may perhaps guide you somewhere, anywhere.
As I probably stated before, I will do things my way, I will pace things out, bit by bit, deconstruct it and slowly walk down that long, winding road.
I'm confident, a little fearful of it, but I think I can manage. Just a little. 
I'm not going to write much because I'm absolutely sleep deprived but I shall return with exciting updates!
Stay blessed lovelies!
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