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Volunteering definitely has it's perks. 
And I honestly think that it's definitely been a great one-night experience. My team was so supportive, people were so kind and understanding that it continued to motivate me to pursue a side-career in fashion design or something similar within the industry. 
If I were to be offered an opportunity to volunteer again, I would take it. No doubt about it. I was given the opportunity to work in front house which included ushering and constantly communicating with my team and the consumers. It has enhanced my confidence and definitely made me a more efficient team member. 
In working with the front house management, I was also granted to watch two of the three shows that were being exhibited on Saturday night; Australian Luxe and Red Carpet Runway.
Up above are some of the pictures I had taken on the Red Carpet Runway but I was still fairly new to the front house shift that I hadn't managed to take any on the Australian Luxe Runway. 
Still amazing though.
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