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Are we truly free to express our individuality? Our emotions, our heartaches and pains? Or are we hindered by the inability to do so?
I apologise if you’re looking for an answer because honestly, I don’t have one. My philosophical skills are no match in comparison to the internet. But I can assure you that we are beings of great possibilities. We are an endless spectrum of cells that are fused as one. Or you could say that we are white, blank canvases waiting to be painted on, to be molded into something perfectly flawed. Yes, we are flawed, but who’s to say who isn’t? I found myself writing this whilst I studied the detrimental effects of jealously in the transcendent play, Othello. English is a pain. But so is life, and so often do we find ourselves caught up in tangled webs of impediments. How do we know when one should give up? The truth is, never.
Why? Because life is the mistakes and the wounds one creates. Life is the cries on the shoulders and showered kisses of faith. Our individualities will alter whilst we embark on this self-venture whether together or by one’s self but never should we lose sight of our importance.

I think I got carried away…maybe just a little. 

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