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Casually Blue

Crop top: Jayjays (gifted from a friend) // Play-suit: Miss Shop from Myer // Shoes: Miss Shop from Myer 
Casually being a dork and laughing too hard...that's me in a nutshell.

This outfit was something I was really willing to test out because I absolutely love the play-suit and the shoes as well. Shoes and play-suit were from Miss Shop and I got them for an absolute bargain! Going to go hunt for more tomorrow...
The crop-top is actually a present from my friends and I absolutely adore it! I would love to wear it with shorts but I honestly need to lose the fat hanging on the lower belly before anything.
More fashion posts to come so don't fret beautifuls! One more post to go!

Note: thank you to my beautiful sister (also my life-time bestie), Cindy (tumblr: vintagepots) for taking these photos for me! At first, she didn't really know what kind of shots I had preferred or liked and so she practiced heaps just to get these amazing shots for me! Thank you so much for your continuous support and encouragements! Love you heaps bae!

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