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This Boxing Day was not spent shopping (sadly but it was definitely better than shopping) but instead, spent in the out-skirts of Sydney and praying to the Buddhist Gods for a good upcoming future. May they bless us.
Before arriving to 'Nian Tian Temple', we had stopped by a small area full-packed with cars and expensive looking motor vehicles (mind you, Harley Davidson), my family and I enjoyed a hot dog from one of the vehicles selling food and drinks; it was really good! 
The weather was so-so, it could've been better but then again, we were able to enjoy the nice sea breeze which welcomed us with a salty-scented entrance and wide-open arms.
After the small stop, we drove off again listening to the countdown of 'iTunes' top 100 song countdowns and ranting about past mistakes. Ah, Family. 
Setting foot into the temple after an hour of driving from the beaches gave us comfort and it reminded me of home in a spiritual sense. My family and I visit the temple every once a year and we always give our prayers and blessings to the gods, wishing that whichever path 'Life' takes us will be a happy and safe one.  
One of my favourite Boxing Days has to be this.
A few more posts for tonight and then I will be heading off to bed! Keep your eyes open and stay blessed loves!
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