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New Year's Resolution

Credits and Source: aprilandstudio via tumblr
Happy New Year beautifuls! It’s that time of the year again! When you really look back to it, it’s amazing how quickly time flies and how the year was full of many great memories! But it’s time for a New Year, new experiences and new beginnings! This is officially my first post of 2015 and I hope to start it by being a little more personal again!

I came up with four resolutions’ that were really important to me and which I think could help improve my sense of well being and further allow me to communicate and share ideas with you all. Please do check it out and maybe it will inspire you! Have a wonderful year lovelies and I hope that the holidays are being amazing to you all! Stay safe and stay blessed!

Studying and aiming high for a good ATAR: When you think about it, the pressures of HSC are getting bigger as the years grow larger in number. Everyone expects this and everyone expects that! Though don’t fret at all! What I believe is that no matter what score you receive as your ATAR, bad or not, does not define who you are as a person and your capabilities as an individual. Do your best, put effort into it but never give up because fear causes more failures than trying ever will.
I hope to do well in my preliminary studies and gain my Higher School Certificate with an ATAR above 95.00 (reason being is that I’m hoping to do a commerce degree in my chosen university)! This year I will do my absolute best no matter the circumstances! I’m moving to a new school and so this time a more competitive school that will challenge my abilities. I promise to everyone that I will do my best!

Develop my blog and start Youtubing: Developing my blog and putting more effort into it is one of the most important resolutions for me. I wish to add a lot more context into it and further enhance the blog theme structure because I’m still currently learning CSS and HTML. Furthermore, I promised that I would be starting a Youtube account real soon once I figured what the best features for editing would be!

Get a job: I actually had an interview a few days ago with a small coffee shop located in my local train station and in all honestly, I would really like the job. Fingers crossed! Some may say that having a job during the senior years of High School is a no-no but really it’s all about time management and personally I hope to manage myself through income and studies and become independent as a growing girl who will be off soon in two years’ time. Through this I can learn, gain experience while I’m also doing my studies.

Develop my wellbeing and body: I don’t want to diagnose myself without really knowing but I’m certain I have ‘Anxiety’. I have been through episodes where I continuously fret and over-worry, jumping to the worst conclusions nearly fainting in the shower. In order for me not to worry so much and cast away these feelings I stay close to my family and we go on Holidays to loosen up. I hope to improve on my mental and physical well being and hopefully someday I no longer carry the Anxiety issue with me. I will become stronger and more independent so I can take care of myself and others. 

That's about it! I hope you all find this inspiring and also motivating! Stay Blessed loves!

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